Write an Annotated Bibliography for your Capstone Topic

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1. Write an Annotated Bibliography for your Capstone Topic with a collection of 12 articles following a set structure. The Annotated Bibliography is a critical examination of the most relevant and recent scholarly research on the topic area that is not just a summary of the articles you have read.

2. An Annotated Bibliography is the detailed analysis of sources that used later in an expanded Literature Review.

3. Ensure that the Annotated Bibliography submitted by you is your own work and has not been submitted elsewhere and comply with the University's requirements for academic integrity.

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The project deals with writing an annotated bibliography on 12 articles on Cloud Migration according to a set structure. The project has been done based upon the framework and methods used by the companies in the articles.

Reference no: EM132281253

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Word length: 2000 (10-12 pages). NOTE: I will provide you 12 articles, you have to follow instructions mention in below pdf file. You have to write 180 to 250 words of each article in a sequence so that i can add them in my literature review.

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