Write about a dream that really made an impact on you

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Read the section titled "Dreams - A Separate Reality?" on pages 177 - 179 in your text. This section discusses theories on dreams, the history of dream interpretation, the most common characteristics of dreams, and the meaning of dreams.

Check out these websites:

Dream Moods


The Dreams Foundation


The Meaning of Your Dreams


The Biology of Dreaming


Sleep and Dreams - Neurology and Biology


For this week's Journal entry, answer the following questions. Be sure to include factual, properly cited information in your post.

Write about a dream that really made an impact on you. It can be a recurring dream, a scary dream, a happy dream, or an especially vivid dream. What do these websites say about the interpretation of your dream? Do you feel these interpretations are accurate? What do you think is the meaning behind this dream?


1. Write at least 200 words about this topic. Post your word count at the end of your journal.

2. Make sure to cite a source in your journal article using APA style. The source may be your text or any other source you research.

Reference no: EM131434286

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