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Write a term paper on the given topic "Controversy Opinion"

Academic requirements:

This is a completely Opinion based writing about the Evolution Creationism Controversy, this includes everything that people of a religious viewpoint and those of a scientific view point. I would like it if you could include some of the personal writings that I have done during the semester. (will be provided) Just as a bit of a heads up the Science discussion document is a bit thrown together so I apologize for the inconvenience. I suggest you look up "Tracing the Relationships between Religion & Science:The Role of Mythos & Logos" there inst an author listed on the paper but its self explanatory. References are not required because this is your opinion. Quotations are not allowed, but you can paraphrase a source if it makes your case stronger. If you do paraphrase an original source, it must be cited in the text and included as a reference in the APA style. You can site sources if you like I wouldn't mind at all.

  • Your work must be submitted as  pages 7-9 of pages
  • All work must be referenced using the Harvard /APA method.
  • Provide a reference list How do we perceive science and how do we behold religion?

Include the below points in your solution.

  • Points of view about science & religion
  • The soul of science
  • Recent warfare / conflict between religion & science
  • Can science and religion be treated as foes?
  • Where is the fine line dividing these two domains?
  • Theology & science 

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How do we perceive science and how do we behold religion? Both religion & science are ideally formed as a creation. Hence there must not be any sharp split between them as modes of knowledge. What I feel ideal forms are created by science for predicting physical phenomena. On the other hand, same ideal forms are created by religion for providing guidance on the way we should live.

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