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Assessment Review and Critique

Counselors have multiple tools to use with clients during career exploration. Assessments are one of the tools that a counselor can use to help clients explore their own beliefs, interests, values, and skills related to career development. Many of these assessments are based in career development theory.

Counselors are responsible for understanding the assessments they choose to use with clients. Proper evaluation and critique of an assessment prior to administering the assessment to clients is imperative.

In this assignment you have the opportunity to review a written critique of a commonly used career assessment, one that you might use as a professional counselor. You will be asked to summarize potential information gained from the assessment, use with the population you hope to work with, strengths and weaknesses of the assessment to include the psychometric properties of the assessment, and any cultural considerations when using the assessment.

Use the APA Publication Guide (6th ed) template to format your document, which is located in each module.


Read your textbook chapters to prepare for this assignment. Once you have reviewed all of the course resources, select one of the assessment critiques below (provided in Blackboard in the Resources section) to read, review, and use for this assignment.

Boggs, K. R. (1999). Campbell interested and skill survey: Review and critique. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 32, 168-181.

Case, J.C. & Blackwell, T. L. (2008). Test review. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 51(2), 122-126.
Luzzo, D.A. (1996). A psychometric evaluation of the career decision-making self-efficacy scale. Journal of Counseling & Development, 74, 276-279.

Address in paragraph form:

A summary of the potential information assessed and gained from the assessment (2 paragraphs).

Discuss strengths and weaknesses of the assessment including discussion of psychometrics of the assessment (2 paragraphs)

Reflect on how this assessment could be used with your preferred client population and any cultural considerations when administering the assessment. Consider all of your course resources and the article selected. (1-2 paragraphs).

Reference no: EM131430782

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