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Question: For this assignment, you will summarize one of the essays listed below, and then respond to it. To begin, choose the essay that you would like to summarize. Skim the essays using the techniques we have talked about in class.

Once you have chosen your essay, write a summary of that article in your own words, capturing the main point of the article and the key ideas that are discussed in the paragraphs. One approach could be to use the 1 sentence summary of each paragraph as a first draft of this assignment. Remember to use "third person" voice (he, she, they, person's name) for this section of your paper because you are summarizing what someone else said. Your summary section should be 1 - 4 pages long, double spaced. Remember to use paragraphs.

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After summarizing the article, you will then write a personal response to the essay and the idea(s) presented. Because this is a personal response, you can use "first" or "second person" voice (I, you, we). This part of your paper should also be 1 - 4 pages long, double spaced.

Once you have written these two main parts of the paper, we will work together on writing introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Reference no: EM132279910

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