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The Farmer Company's comparative balance sheets for 2010 and 2011, and additional information, are presented below.


Comparative Balance Sheets

                                                              December 31,                            December 31,

ASSETS                                                           2011                                         2010

Cash                                                             $ 14,000                                  $ 9,000

Accounts receivable                                    52,000                                    24,000

Inventory                                                       87,000                                    40,000

Equipment                                                     125,000                                 100,000

Accumulated depreciation                           (42,000)                              (34,000)

Prepaid expenses                                           4,000                                     2,000

Land                                                                      -0-                                       7,000

Building                                                             50,000                                       -0-

Total Assets                                                     $290,000                                   $148,000


Accounts payable                                           $ 25,000                                     $ 14,000

Interest payable                                                8,000                                           6,000

Taxes payable                                                  37,000                                         11,000

Note payable                                                    37,000                                         32,000

Bonds payable                                                 75,000                                         50,000

Common stock, $10 par                                  75,000                                         25,000

Retained earnings                                           33,000                                        10,000

Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity              $290,000                                   $148,000

Additional 2011 information:      

Net income, $31,000      

Sold land for gain of $3,000         

Paid dividends of $8,000              

Issued $50,000 stock to purchase building            


Using the indirect method, write a statement of cash flows for 2011 for Farmer Company using the form below. Include any required disclosures for noncash investing and financing transactions.

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