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Latifah Privott

Violet is in a tough and vulnerable position that many women and single mothers can relate to. She has so many responsibilities piling up including going back to school, in need of a new career, three children with different specific needs, not to mention neglecting her own needs and struggling to make meet their financial needs.

Violet would benefit greatly from free childcare, public health services, financial assistance, medical services, and even human services.

First, I would suggest that Violet to reach out to her local human service department. It appears that she has a long journey ahead of her trying to balance life and motherhood. Therefore the human service model has to be her first source of help. According to Woodside and McClam (2015), The human service model is concerned with the interaction between the individual and the environment, stressing the need for balance between the two. (p.102). This model will help to give Violet a better sense of what she can do on her own and then assist her areas she can't control independently. The ability to have support with groceries, rent, and even childcare will help her out a lot to clear her mind of her most pertinent responsibilities.

Her son has a few psychological issues affecting him in school, her daughter has been in and out of the hospital, and Violet has many changes in her life as well. It may be best for the entire family to seek some therapy. Psychoanalytic method will allow the entire family to express their feelings. In this method, the clients or patients share all thoughts with the therapist. The therapist interprets this material to explain to patients the nature of their repressions and the influence of these repressions on their present problems. In this method, the clients or patients share all thoughts with the therapist. The therapist interprets this material to explain to patients the nature of their repressions and the influence of these repressions on their present problems. (Woodside and McClam, 2015, p. 105). This could be a great bonding experience for the entire family. This is considered the medical method and it will offer great benefits to this family.

The oldest daughter keeps having issues with her breathing and which could be related to her allergies. I'm not certain of what maybe triggering her attacks but it could be possible its environmental. Violet could be living in an income-restricted housing that may not get all the proper cleaning and treatments necessary. This may be a matter for the public health model. Public health is sometimes not separable from human welfare. Improving public health means improving education, nutrition, safe food and water supplies, immunization, and maternal and child health. It is particularly difficult to dissociate ill health from poverty. (Woodside and McClam, 2015, p.113). A great outcome that could come out of this method could be identifying triggers to help alleviate her daughters breathing difficulties.

This week we are tasked with reviewing the case of Violet, a single mother of three children who is currently experiencing some challenges and problems in living. The problems/challenges identified in her case are as follows:

Single parent household

Inadequate income/employment

Still pursuing education

Medical challenges for two eldest children (Diabetes, allergies, psychological problems)

Child care needed for youngest child

The services Violet's family needs to address their challenges are related to: employment, educational support, mental health, medical, public health services, and child care.

To assist Violet with employment, educational support and childcare, the best model to serve violet and her family is the Human Services model. We learn from Woodside and McClam (2015) that "treatment in this model encompasses services to both the individual and the environment through work with the client as well as the people and the institutions with which the client is involved" (p. 102). This model also serves as a "problem-solving" method that requires the mobilization of a variety of resources to meet the needs of the whole person.

In this case, Violet can benefit from resources related to childcare, employment, and educational support. Use of this model also identifies and prioritizes problems in clear, understandable terms. Client strengths are highlighted and the process is evaluated continuously, which allows for revisions to be made as information and circumstances change. Through the human services model, Violet can begin to learn how to problem-solve and respond to changes in her environment in an effective manner.

Per the case study, Violet's eldest daughter suffers from diabetes and allergies, and her eldest son, suffers from psychological problems. To address this need, Violet's family would best be served by the Medical model. The medical model is focused on the individual, therefore, the individual or "patient" "receives treatment from a physician in a hospital or medical clinic through the process of symptom, diagnosis, treatment, and cure" (Woodside & McClam, 2015, p. 102-108).

Woodside, M. & McClam, T. (2015). An Introduction to the Human Services, 8th Edition. Cengage Learni

Reference no: EM131380743

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