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TOPIC: The average day of an average person anywhere in the world before the year 1920.

1. Pick any place in the world before 1900
2. Pick any occupation applicable to that place and time (farmer, merchant, housewife, etc.)
3. Describe a typical day including:

a. Housing.
b. Place (town, city, farm, etc.)
c. Food eaten during the day; number of meals; how obtained; how prepared; etc.
d. Clothing
e. Work performed during the day; where performed; how performed, etc.
f. Any other facts you feel are necessary to round out your character's day (religion, entertainment, family, etc.)

NOTE: The paper is not just a listing of facts. It is a narrative paper about a fictitious person living a fictitious day; however, the way this person lives, his environment, his work and everything about his world is true. Had your fictional character actually lived, this is how his day would have been.


1. The outline of the paper will be that described in Trimmer's A Guide to MLA Documentation or the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

2. ALL facts in the paper must be fully documented by correct citation.

3. The paper should be including Endnotes (if needed) and a Works Cited.

4. The whole papers must be typed.


1. Length - The minimum length of paper is ten pages of text (excluding endnotes, illustrations, and Works Cited). There is no maximum length to this paper.

2. The Works Cited page must include:

2 print books

2 articles from scholarly journals

One article from a scholarly encyclopedia like the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

One citation from a scholarly dictionary like The Oxford English Dictionary

Two articles from reliable and creditable web sites

One article from a general periodical (newspaper or magazine)

3. Citations must be in proper MLA form. There is no minimum number of citations, but be sure all facts are documented.

4. The Works Cited must be in proper MLA form.

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