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The focus of the reseach paper is Host Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS) or AntiVirus Systems. Computer Virus creates major headaches for most organizations, as this list of 10 worst PC virus outbreaks shows. These viruses combined have caused damages into the billions of US Dollars. How can one protect against virus outbreaks in an organization? What are the common causes of this problems? How would use address this troublesome trend? Use your textbook, internet, and other publications to research this topic. The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment itself.

Paper Requirements:

• APA Format
• Number of Pages: Minimum of 3 Pages not including Cover, Table of Contents and References.
• Safe - Assignment comparison will be done.

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In the present study the commonly known virus attacks in organisational computers has been mentioned. the causes of this virus attacks has been briefly described. the possible measurements to stop the hazardous impact of these attacks has also been highlighted in the study.

Reference no: EM131154248

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