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For writing the assignment, be aware of the following cautions in fulfilling the assignment instructions:

• If you write a report to your manager at work suggesting that more teleworking options be given to employees at your workplace, you cannot simply prepare a report on teleworking. You must show that teleworking will solve a specific problem or problems in your organization.

• If you are proposing that email be used less frequently for communication at your workplace and that another application be used to improve communication, you cannot simply write a report on the problem with having too much email. You must show that the use of email at your current workplace presents problems and that the use of another means of communication would solve the problem.

• If you write a report to your manager at work suggesting that your office become paperless, you cannot simply prepare a report on the benefits of a paperless office. You must show that your specific office can go paperless and indicate the benefits of your specific office going paperless.

• If you write a report to the board of directors at your townhouse community to argue that the playground area in your community should be renovated, you cannot simply prepare a report on the benefits of a playground for a neighborhood. You must show that your specific neighborhood will benefit from renovations in its playground.

• If you write a report to the manager of your unit at work noting that recycling facilities in the workplace should be improved, you cannot simply prepare a report on the benefits of recycling or of good recycling facilities in offices. You must show that your specific work environment lacks adequate recycling facilities and show how it will benefit from improved recycling facilities.

The complete report should be 2200-3000 words, not including the list of references.

Additional information for writing the assignment is in the attached file.

Attachment:- Assignment Instruction.rar

Reference no: EM131219749

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