Write a report summarizing your research and evaluations

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Write a report summarizing your research and evaluations. Divide the report into several sections that includes abstract, introduction, method of approach, results/discussion, conclusion, and a list of references.

The references must be identified in the text.

ID Four hundred feet below a city in southern Illinois sits alrdndoned lead mine filled with an estimated 70 billion gallons of water that remains at a constant temperature of about 58°F.

The city engineer has proposed using the impounded water as a resource for heating and cooling the city's central administration building, a two-story. brick building constructed in 1975 having 8500 ft2 of office space. You have been asked to develop a preliminary proposal, including a cost estimate. The proposal will specify commercially available systems that utilize the impounded water to meet heating and cooling needs.

The cost estimate will include project development, hardware, and annual operating cost. Report your findings in the form of a PowerPoint presentation suitable for the city council.

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Reference no: EM13701128

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