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Write a report on wearable computers around 3000 words.

The report is to be based on the following case study scenarioabout Wearable Computers.

The last decade has seen the introduction of wearable computers. For example,smartwatchesare computerised wristwatches that have screens and functionality that is far greaterthan justdisplaying the time and date. Another example is Google Glass which is worn like a pair of spectacles. It has a touch screen and can also be controlled by voice. Wearable computers have many advantages such as, assisting with health and fitness. Smartwatches can be used to track physical activity, sleep patterns and heart rate.Google Glass can be used in medicine for a range of applications such as assisting surgeons to record operations on patients and in healthcare to provide online support from mid-wives for mothers having problems breast-feeding.

However there are also concerns about privacy and security with wearable computers. Recently smartwatches have been in the news because students have used them in exams; seeIs it cheating to wear a smartwatch into an exam?(http://www.theage.com.au/comment/is-it-cheating-to-wear-a-smartwatch-into-an-exam-20150609-ghixg1) written by our Melbourne-based colleague Dr Ritesh Chugh.Google Glass has been criticised for a range of issues about invading people's privacy and secretly recording people; seeGoogle Glass: is it a threat to our privacy?(http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/mar/06/google-glass-threat-to-our-privacy).
You are the ICT manager of a university based in Rockhampton. The Vice-Chancellor has asked you to research wearable computers in higher education. She is interested in finding out how wearable computers can be used in learning and teaching. She is also concerned about any possible negative effects. You are to write a report to be presented at the next executive meeting. The report should address:

1. What are wearable computers and how are they currently being used. You should explore a range of applications of wearable computers,for example, in areas such as healthcare, the military and entertainment.

2. Discussat least three ways that wearable computerscould be used to enhance higher education. In particularthe Vice-Chancellor would like you to explore ways wearable computers could be used to provide educationalopportunities that are not possible with current stand-alone computers.

3. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of using wearable computers in higher education. Explore the ethical, social and legal considerations of students being connected to the Internet through wearable computers. Examine the privacy and security concerns of using wearable computers in higher education.

Your report should conclude with recommendations for the university with respect to the implementation and use of wearable computers in higher education.

Reference no: EM13836036

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