Write a report on the strand movie theater in hartsville
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Write A Report on the Strand Movie Theater in Hartsville.

Problem: The Strand is favorably perceived as a fixture in the community of Hartsville. Also, the revenues have been declining in recent years and the Strand's problem may be due to competition by other businesses that offer movie-viewing-type services.

There is a nearby video store and a nearby DVD rental station. There is also an old-fashioned drive-in theater that enjoys a seasonal crowd on the outskirts of town. There are no other traditional movie theaters in town.

The Strand must maintain a competitive edge as an entertainment venue. In the two-plus decades of ownership by the Lomentos, the facilities have undergone renovation and update only once in 1992. There are both functional and aesthetic improvements that could be made to the theater.

Some of the light fixtures in the lobby are broken. The bathroom stalls do not have hooks on the inside of the stall doors. The theater sign could benefit from updating.


* To see about changes that need to be made to the theater.

* To identify necessary repairs.

* To also identify recommended updates.

* Recommended updates have to do with creating more functional lobby, concession area, and restrooms.

* Updates should also make the lobby and other areas more inviting.

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