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PURPOSE The objective of this assignment is to develop and enhance individual student's capabilities in critically evaluating literature in service marketing. 

From secondary literature search and your own readings, write a report critically evaluating service marketing strategies in 3 companies of your choice. Your report should have the following format 
- Executive summary 
- Table of Contents 
- Company history of each selected company, sales, market share , profits, if any 
- Type of industry , customers 
- Types of Service marketing strategies 
- Implementation of service marketing strategies 
- Conclusion 
You should gather your literature from journal articles, research reports, press releases, government publications , trade magazines or various sources which are creditable in nature. 
Additional Guidelines/Assignment Format 
• Your assignment should be types on A4 paper using 12 Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing 
• Your assignment should contain about 3,000-5,000 words ( at 15-20 pages), not including appendix and reference 
• Your assignment must include in-text citation and a reference list. Referencing needs to follow APA style. 
• References should be include the latest publications ( year 2005 and onwards) 
• All submitted assignments will go through online plagarism software check. 
Marks Distribution (60%) 

Marking Dimensions 

1. Executive Summary 5 
2. Critical Evaluation of 3 companies 30 
3. Citation and Reference List 10
4. Language , Clarity and Coherence 10 
5. Conclusion 5

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Reference no: EM13751371

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