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Write the given paper assignment.

Reflection Paper Instructions

Write one 1-2-page Reflection Paper in response to a writing prompt. While the paper will be more subjective and personal than a typical research paper, you will be expected to maintain an academic tone and provide support for any claims that are made. The paper must include at least 1 reference specific to creation/young-Earth, not including the course textbook, other assigned readings and presentations, or the Bible. Consider using ICR or Answers in Genesis to find the required reference that speaks to the topic of the paper. Citations must be in current APA format. Note that your primary sources should be the various creation resources from the class (DVD, presentations, video-clips, online articles). Use these plus the one additional source that you will select.

This paper must be 1-2 pages. Do not fall short or exceed this page limit. The title page and bibliography do not count toward this page total. Do not alter the format to try to artificially make a paper longer that is too short or minimize a paper that is too long. Anything less than one full page or longer than two full pages will receive a grade reduction for length.

Papers must be double-spaced only, with 1-inch margins all around. The font must be Courier New or Times New Roman and 12-point.

Other than the course materials, you are only required to secure 1 source. However, feel free to incorporate other sources if you so desire. List all of your sources (including course materials) in a bibliography at the end of the paper.

Cite the sources you used in the body of your paper using current APA format (the author's last name and the date of publication). For example, (Lisle, 2014). You may not need many citations, but when you do use ideas from a specific source, cite that source.

Reflection Paper Prompt

Think of this paper as being about worldview. Based on what you have been learning in this class from the creation sources (the DVD, Lisle presentations, ICR articles, etc.), provide a summary of what it means to hold a creation perspective of astronomy in particular and science in general.

Briefly discuss the relationship between special revelation (the Bible) and general revelation (the created universe) for this specific perspective (Although I am not assuming that everyone shares this perspective, based on the course content I would like to see that everyone can at least explain this perspective intelligently).

Provide a finished product that is clear and well-organized, and that gives examples from the course to support your overall argument. Your paper must include the following:

• Overview-What does it mean to have a creation perspective? In this perspective, what is the relationship between special revelation and general revelation when it comes to interpreting evidence?

• Examples/illustrations-Give at least three examples of evidence and/or arguments from various class creation resources and/or your one other source that help to support a creation perspective. Briefly discuss how these examples support and/or bring clarity to your previous section (overview).

• Importance/relevance-Why does any of this matter? Does it make any difference what perspective someone has when it comes to science in general and astronomy in particular? Why does worldview matter?

Organize paper according to questions. Paper should follow the sequence given above. Your one additional source may be used to help answer any of the three sections.

Do not make claims or share opinions that lack support in the paper. That does not mean that you cannot share an opinion, but it must be relevant to the writing prompt and it must be accompanied by a supporting argument related to your sources.

Reference no: EM131246459

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