Write a program which computes the amount tax to be paid
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Write a program which computes the amount tax to be paid based on the following rule. The tax is:

* No tax if your income is less than or equal to $50,000 (inclusive)

* 5% if the income is over $50,000 up to 75,000 (inclusive)

* 7% if the income is over &75,000 up to 100,000 (inclusive)

* 10% if the income is over $100,000.

The program asks a user to enter his/her income and computes the amount of tax payable, as shown below (use the following test case for submission):

Enter the income: 125000

The tax payable would be 12500.0

Part B) P.3.25 (page 154); Due by Sunday, Feb 5th

Hint: review the code example (taxes.py) in section 3.3

Use the following test case (run your code with both test cases below):

Are you married or single (M or S)? M

What is your income? 78000

Your tax payable is 12300.0

Run your program with another test case:

Are you married or single (M or S)? S

What is your income? 28000

Your tax payable is 3800.0

For final electronic submission:(due by Sunday)

* One zip file (two python files for Part A and Part B).

* One PDF report file ( source code part A + execution result + source code part B + execution results (two test cases))

* In summary, I expect to see two files: one zip file + one PDF file.

* Please name your files appropriately. For example, yourFirstName-LastName-HW2.PDF, FirstName-LastName-HW2-PartA.py, FirstName-LastName-HW2-PartB.py, etc.

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