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Write a three page paper answering the following questions:

1-Look back at the 11 lessons presented by Robert McNamara in the movie "The Fog of War".

Choose one lesson from among the 11 lessons that you think is the most important, write one page explaining the importance of that lesson and why you think it is the most important lesson to be learned in your view.

Choose two other lessons and write a two pages (one page per lesson) describing how these lessons apply to current world events or how these lessons can guide decision making being made by world leaders as current events are unfolding in the world right now.

Use 12 size font and double space your paper.


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The current write up is about the life and times of Robert S Mc Namara the former secretary of defence under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. In summary the entire write up focusses on twelve lessons that can be learnt from his life experiences. The discussion also focuses on the ways how a personality side of character and human nature can do affect the policies making and even decisions at the level of governance by the state governments.

I believe out of all the eleven lessons indicated in the feature film – there is something beyond oneself is the most important lesson need to be considered. This is indicated in the context of today’s world and dynamics that do happen in the today’s world. For example consider the life of Adolf Hitler. Hitler always believed in supremacy.

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