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Collaborative projet

Prepare and submit a 5-7 page paper that identifies and analyzes the characteristics and needs of the various participants in your community collaboration. The paper should include a detailed discussion of each participant's role in the community, his or her connection to the target problem, and methods you will use to engage participants in the collaborative process.

My paper will be focused on building a second high school in the City of Bowie, in Prince George's County, Maryland. My son is an attendant at Bowie High School which is approx 30% above its capacity if not more. It is important to emphasize that this paper must be APA style and written with no plagiarism. I am doctoral student, so it is important that the paper submitted is quality work.

I haven't had a chance to copy the reading for this week to go along with this paper. I will submit that on Monday but please include at least 8 to 10 peer reviewed citations.

• Follows the structure given in the Metterssich text:

o Environment.
o Membership characteristics.
o Process and structure.
o Communication.
o Purpose.
o Resources.

Reference no: EM131055812

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