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After reading Perception of the Self and Others in your textbook, you have learned or further reinforced the idea that we come to know our selves through our interactions with others and our perceptions of those interactions. Based on this information, write a paper describing yourself using some of the ideas from the text (things like self awareness/concept, the Johari window, or self disclosure). At least 3 or more intext citations.

How do you think others see you? How do you see yourself? How did you come to know you?


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In this paper, on the basis of the textbook provided describes perception of the self and othersin the interpersonal communication. Moreover, after reading “Perception of the Self and Others” in textbook, I have learned the way of interpersonal communication and further reformed my ideas or thinking related to interpersonal communication. On the basis of the book information I am able to describe myself through using the author

ideas related to self awareness, self concept, self esteem, the Johari window, or self disclosure and self attitude of control. In addition, I have using the basis concept of interpersonal communication that is described in the textbook to describe my perception and other people perception about me in interpersonal communication (Neff, 2014). Moreover, perceptions in interpersonal communication happen in five stages that are stimulation, organization, interpretation-evaluation,

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