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Assignment Brief:

Write a paper about the state of network security in relation to SME's in Ireland, the UK and Europe.  Choices available in order to secure their network and most common threats to date. Document an issue they may face on their network - how it would it appear and be identified at a packet level- technologies involved, identify the current tools available for defence, their features and requirements. Discuss a security posture to prevent the attack in the future.

What you should hand in: A structured report containing the research. Sources of information MUST be referenced. The paper should be referenced using IEEE or Harvard style referencing (see the resources on Moodle).

Guidelines/Length: The report should be 2000 words, not including references.

Reference no: EM131429272

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Total 2000 words report on network security. Fully documented assessment of a network attack – how it appears in Wireshark and the steps taken to detect this attack: The suggested fix or approach an SME could take to combat this attack: Technical difficulty of network attack chosen: Articulation of the problem: Extra relevant research/context: Proper references, and overall quality of the report (layout, grammar . . etc.).

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