Write a paper about telehealth and explore it and discuss it

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Write a paper about TeleHealth and explore it and discuss it.

Follow all the instruction below

Write about 5- 7 pages

Sources 4-6 needed or more

Information Systems Case

In this assignment you will select a health information system topic from the list below:

1. Implementation of an EMR.

2. Using voice recognition

3. Decision support tools-

4. E-pharrnao

5. TeleHealth

6. Hospital patient information interoperability

7. Population health data collection

8. Mobile device usage

9. Integration of external physicians

10. Interoperability of-an Accountable Care Organization

11. Other: You decide- approval required.

Select the topic and determine what you want to explore and discuss. You determine the topic. Write your paper from an investigation of the topic and consider problems or issues associated with the topic. You need to select a PROBLEM to explore and create a clear problem statement.

Example: Physician acceptance of an EMR is hindered by inadequate training.

Then set out to define and provide backing to your statement of the issue. You will support your statement of a problem.


Complete an abstract of the HIS issue that provides a brief description of the issue, a brief synopsis of the information you uncovered and an explanation of the solution/objectives you want to project. Provide a thorough review of your paper.

Body of paper:

A. Background information of the topic/issue. Provide details of the topic. Describe the core aspects of the topic and any applicable points that you need to explain. Provide any pertinent information to explain what you need to regarding our understanding of the topic.

B. Description of problem: Identify the major problems. Provide some detail of the causes and effects of the problem. Identify and link the symptoms and root causes of the problems. Differentiate short term from long term problems.

C. Analysis of problem: Provide a detailed analysis of the problems identified in the Statement of the Problem. In the analysis, apply theories and models from the text and/or readings. Support conclusions and /or assumptions with specific references to the case and/or the readings

D. Decision Criteria and Alternative Solutions: Identify criteria against which fit you evaluate alternative solutions (i.e. time for implementation, tangible costs, acceptability to management). Include two or three possible alternative solutions. Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative against the criteria listed.

E. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification: Identify who, what, when, and how in your recommended plan of action that addresses the problem.

Writing Expectations:

Provide at least four external sources (in addition to your textbook) should be referenced to back up your recommendations or to identify issues. This information would be ideally sourced in current journals, magazines and newspapers and should reflect current management thought or practice with respect to the issues identified. Paper needs to have a clear introduction (purpose and preview, body and conclusion). College level writing expected.

Your case analysis should:

• Include the five sections listed above and include the abstract

• Be double spaced and the pages should be numbered

• Have 1 inch margins - top bottom left and right

• Use 12 point font size

• Be free of spelling errors

• Use an established referencing system 5-7 pages.

Reference no: EM13971335

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