Write a gui-based program that analyzes a round of golf

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Write a GUI-based program that analyzes a round of golf. You will retrieve the data for 18 holes from a text file. On each line in the file will be the par for that hole (3, 4, or 5) and your core for that hole should be displayed in a label. Provide buttons for the following:

• On button, when clicked, displays whether your overall score was over par, under par, or par

• Another button, when clicked, displays the number of holes for which you made par

• Another button, when clicked, displays how many birdies you scored ( a birdie on a hole is 1 under par)

For this, you should design and code a separate (non-gui) class encapsulating the analysis, then instantiate an object of that class inside your GUI class and call the various methods as needed.

Reference no: EM13809324

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