Write a function to convert farenheit to celsius
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Question: Write a 2-part program as follows:

• Part 1: Write a function to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

• Part 2: Write a function to convert Farenheit to Celsius

Both of the functions (Celsius to Farenheit and Farenheit to Celsius) are the exact inverses of one another.

Test the program by converting 32 degrees Farenheit to Celsius and then the product of that function back to Farenheit.

Capture screenshots of your code and output for each conversion. Paste the screenshot into a Word document.

In addition, write a 1/2-page response to the following:

• When you converted 32 degrees Farenheit to Celsius and back to Farenheit, did you get 32 again?

• Try different numbers and state when it does work and when it doesn't work. Explain why.

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