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The Programs in Language, Culture and Professional Advancement (PLCPA) is looking to do a pilot sponsoring of a one-time Grassroot Volunteer Project.

The PLCPA is requesting proposals that inform and persuade them to sponsor a worthy Grassroot Volunteer Project. People who volunteer in grassroot projects usually find ways to give back to the community. Engaging in a pilot project will enable PLCPA to gauge whether the project will be able to help build a sustainable relationship with the target group that they do the project with. PLCPA would like you to help think of creative, thoughtful and practical ideas that would highlight the PLCPA slogan of "Make Your Positive Mark on the World" while making a difference in the community that they serve or are a part of.

Look within the university and in the neighboring towns to identify what Grassroot volunteer Project PLCPA faculty, staff and students can partake.

The PLCPA, like many other university departments, is bound by a very strict budget. The budget for their volunteer project is only $1,000.00.

My part is:
- Letter of Transmittal
- Primary Research Attachments(interview with chief committee member)

All proposals should cite their research in APA Formatting.

Your Task: Write a formal proposal fulfilling the PLCPA's RFP. You will be assigned to a group, and you and your team must all collaborate with one another on all ideas and writing for the assignment. You will also present with your team in an Oral Presentation.


1. All groups must collaborate and contribute equal parts work.

- The draft of Proposal should include details about the primary research the team will conduct. Provide for example, the proposed documents analysis plans and the proposed observation plans as well as any research that the team has conducted to initialize the volunteer project.
- All primary research used for the assignment must be attached to the paper according to Formatting Requirements, and must include information about those surveyed, the date and time, as well as any survey or interview questions and correspondence.
- The final version of the proposal will be scored using the attached grid.

All Letter of Transmittals must be addressed to:
Dr. Mutiara Mohamad, Director
Programs in Language, Culture, and Professional Advancement
Fairleigh Dickinson University
1000 River Road, T-FL1-01
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Proposals must be formatted as follows:
o 12 pt. New Times Roman font
o 1" margins on all sides, flush left margin only
o Single-spaced, block formatted with double space between paragraphs.
o Organizational headings appropriate to each section of the proposal.

In our primary research of Student Programming Board (SPB) organization, we found out that the organization provides various opportunities to experience new campus life. The main purpose of arranging activities and events is to provide sufficient service for all university students. Many events aim for entertaining all range of ages throughout the student population. The group gives full access to all university students who are attending the Metropolitan Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University during the events and activities. They give social and emotional support for all students publicly and privately to help student focus more in their academic matters. Through their various members and committees, SPB gives social and recreational programs, coordinated at making leisure time activity and balancing studies with social activities. The organization consists of few volunteers students.

In our interview with the chief committee member of organization Ms. Victoria, we asked her:

What kind of activities they have been doing from past few years?

What are their future plans?

On which FDU campuses they are working at.

How successful were the past events?

Average number of students who have attended their events.

What are their achievements?

The team is expecting to cooperate with the Student Programming Board, a nonprofit organization being managed by its members. The idea that we are collaborating with this organization is one time event. It would be cultural event and it would be held on the Welcome Week after student orientation. The Welcome Week is an event to encourage PLCPA's students to explore places in the state to visit, eat and have fun. The primary reason for cooperation with SPB organization is to find out if this organization is being successfully run by students and they hold similar activities and trips for FDU students.

Students would have a better time as they get to explore the area around them. Therefore, Student Programming Board involves students with different kinds of activities. They take trips to nearby cities and neighboring states. Also, guiding tours activities are a major aspect they focus on providing. They anticipate in making tours for new students around the campus to introduce them to the neighborhood. These tours are helpful for students because they would be more familiar with the new area. They would locate the shops, transportations stations and malls that are around the campus. They would be able to move around the city easily because of the tours given. More importantly, they hold many major events in and off campus for all university students and guests. They hold audience up to 300 students depending on the event. These programs tend to ease students' lives around Fairleigh Dickinson University.

- The plan of this cultural event is to introduce the new students to their new cultural life.
- We are planning to organize this event in the Multipurpose Room at Students Union Building-SUB and we will have five organizers.
- Faculty members from different departments will be welcome to attend this event.
- Our plan to serve food and refreshments in the event for guests.
- We will do some promotions before our event.

In our interview with the chief committee member of organization Ms. Victoria, we asked her:


What kind of activities they have been doing from past few years?

- The first week (welcome week), trips to many places in the state or out the state, give programs for students about FDU events.

What are their future plans?

On which FDU campuses they are working at.

- They have been working at metropolitan campus only for fifteen years.

How successful were the past events?

Average number of students who have attended their events.

- Depend on the event, up to 1500 students

What are their achievements?

Reference no: EM131061338

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