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Although breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of infants life, one cannot mandate the mother to breastfeed if she is unwilling to breastfeed. In these circumstances it is crucial for nurses to provide educational sessions along with educational written material. It is the nurses job to find the reason why mothers are reluctant to breastfeeding and address any concerns they might have.


According to World Health Organization (2017) breastfeeding is encouraged as least for the first six months of infants life. Breastfeeding is beneficial for both infants and mothers. Breast milk provides infants with the necessary nutrients for growth and protects the infant from obtaining infections and diseases. Breastfeeding decreases the mothers risk for ovarian and breast cancer. By decreasing health risk, this will also decrease economic health care strains.

Many mothers that might be reluctant to breastfeeding might not be aware of the benefits. Some mothers simply might not know how to breastfeed. There are lactation nurses that are available in hospitals to help educate and teach mothers about breastfeeding. If mother insist in bottle feeding their infant, information needs to be given about the correct feedings needed to meet infants nutritional needs. it is very important that infants are receiving adequate intake as well as having adequate output.


Ultimately it is the mothers decision to breastfeed their infant. It is necessary for nurses to provide mothers with the knowledge and skills needed about breastfeeding. Once mothers are aware of the benefits and assistance available about breastfeeding, their decision to breastfeed needs to be respected.



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Reference no: EM131344354

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