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Write a 2000 word case study on one of the following topics:

1. Analysis of a modern (i.e. 20th or 21st century) terrorist (or considered to be a terrorist) group. Rather than provide a simple historical survey of the group, you should focus on whether terrorism is an appropriate label for the group. In this you need to consider the group's ultimate political goal(s), provide an assessment of how effective they have been in achieving these, how the group is organised, financed, the tactics it uses and who its active and passive supporters are. (Note: while you can choose any group you like, I discourage you from writing on popular groups such as JI, the IRA or the LTTE.)

2. Provide a strategic assessment of a particular country, and its terrorist/ insurgency problems. In this, you need to provide policy recommendations to the government of that country as to how best to resolve the terrorism/insurgency. Note: you cannot choose Australia or your home country if you are an international student.

Reference no: EM13953384

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