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Go to http://www.ccl.org/Leadership/, download an article or a podcast, listen to it, and write a 400-700 word summary essay using APA (and making 0 spelling errors). The essay should include a summary of the article or podcast and your analysis and reaction to it.

Make sure to continue to spell check and proof read your work before submitting it.

Please go to provided website and pick an article use this article as reference and insert citations.

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Reference no: EM13848084

The ways of meeting oppression

Your second paper will be about the article "The Ways of Meeting Oppression" in Models for Writers. If you have the latest edition of the book, it should start on page 467.

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American Airlines Bankruptcy,  Please write a paper on American Airlines Bankruptcy. 1. Please include a summary of American Airlines and how they came to be. 2. Please discus

What was marx’s working class

It’s a 1000 word  essay with APA style of referencing. “What was Marx’s working class ? who belongs to the working class today ?”

Discuss how this violation

Describe a human right that you feel has been violated in your community. Be specific in your description.Use terms like structural violence.Tell the specific Article or Artic

Identity embodiment performance

A concept note is designed to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular concept, critical idea or approach that can be utilised in a particular field of study. You are asked

What persuasive strategies do you plan

Will this speech be easier or harder to present than your in-class persuasive speech and why? What persuasive strategies do you plan to use and how will you effectively cons

Transitional words or phrases

Underline any transitional words or phrases in the following passages. Fill in the spaces below each passage with the transitions you find and identify what kind of signal the


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