Would you diagnose her with a substance use disorder

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Consider a woman who gets intoxicated on alcohol three or four times a year and each time fights with someone and destroys property, either hers or somebody else's. Provide a 500 word or more response on the following:

Would you diagnose her with a substance use disorder? Why or why not?

Would you think differently regarding your diagnosis if she were 16 years old vs. 28 years old or 58 years old?

What else would you need to know to make an accurate diagnosis?

What assessment methods should be used to make an accurate diagnosis? Support your viewpoint by using at least two examples.

As appropriate, cite the online course, the textbook, and other credible, scholarly sources to substantiate the points you are making.

There are two commonly used screens for addictions: The CAGE and the AUDIT. You can include a discussion about these assessments when talking about the case.

I have attached a link to the addiction screens.


Reference no: EM131144007

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