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In this dilemma, I find myself thinking like a utilitarian, what options would be best for the people? As the person in charge, I think the best course would be to eliminate those who fall into the following categories: anyone who holds a criminal record, the elderly and those who are too ill that the medication wouldn't be too effective on them. I would first distribute the medication among those who would best contribute to society, like doctors, scientists, engineers, and other professionals, assuming that the pandemic is rapidly spreading, we would need as much help as we can get.

In saying, "Ethical principles indicate that physicians should offer medical services to patients with complete ration of service and commitment." Would you say that your decision is based more on utilitarian or deontological ethical principles?

This is not a complicated issue if you have the correct tools to make the decisions. We could use metrics to see whic part of the map has the most cases and where it is spreading faster. we could also use Hedonistic Calculus to find the best route in order to make the decision. Because I understand that I have to keep doing my jobs and after this situation I will still have to take care of more epidemics I must in a way make sure I can make the right choice in which at the end of it all I will affect myself the least because I cannot allow myself to end up traumatically disordered after the problem or decisions are resolved. Within the calculus theory we have factors that can clearly help us make decisions such as is the pain scale hospitals use today, but slightly more complicated.

One of the biggest aspects is duration. How long will the pain last after not having provided some people with the cure and how long before we can make more. Once O figure this out my nest aspect of the theory that I would focus on is extent. How many people are and will be affected by such decisions. I could do the whole notepad Pros and Cons to help myself make the decision but after everything is said and done if I have gained the trust of the department to make big decision I would have to keep myself as sane as possible in order to keep doing such in the future. I could also try as much as possible to stay away from the decision in order to prevent the bad feeling of pain, and create a sub division that will be credited with the results.

Reference no: EM131105085

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