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Assignment: Workforce Analytics Project

Part: Assessing Capability for Workplace Analytics

How to Proceed

The next set of questions you have been provided by the CEO are as follows:

1. For each of the two hypothesis statements you created in Assignment 1, determine the types of data required to test your hypotheses (i.e. turnover rates, employee age, etc.) and the potential sources (internal and external, as applicable) of this data.

2. Identify at least three stakeholders (for each hypothesis) who would need to be engaged if your hypotheses statements were to move forward as a workforce analytics project.

3. Assuming you don't have existing data analytics talent already in HR, nor the ability to go out and hire a team, consider the partnership options in Chapter 13 and make a recommendation as to the best approach to take should a project go forward.

Support your choice with relevant arguments.


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The paper is to discuss about the organisational analytics through data, Stakeholders and partnership. Data are the most important factor for an organisation to run it smoothly. Next is stakeholders.Another factors which influence the health of the organisation is Stakeholders.Finally, when an organisation can't work independent due to lack of resources, then partnership business is the most useful one.

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    This is part 1 of assignment Please make part 2 by using same content from this one Feedback is given so please do consider feedback and prepare 4 pages solutions

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