Work competition causes conflict when you have teams
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Organizational conflict can always occur in the workplace. Based on my experience in the corporate world it stems from poor communication skills, work competition, clashes of different personalities, and having a different work style/ethic than others in the office or on your team (Johnson, 2019).

Organizational conflict can quickly lead to job dissatisfaction and can contribute to a negative workplace culture (Choi, 2013). Communication allows the workplace to run smoother when everyone is on the same page, especially when contributing to the same project.

Making sure that everyone is equally aware of things such as dates, deadlines, changes and other details when working together will minimize confusion or disruption of the work process. It will ensure that everyone has an opportunity for input, availability, and accessibility to a project.

Work competition causes conflict when you have teams in departments who normally work together, start to work against one another.

This could be for a variety of reasons and the best way to deal with this type of organizational conflict is by finding a way for both teams to contribute and have their opinions valued by everyone.

The biggest conflict I have encountered is clashing with different work personalities. It is a very hard task and it requires finding a middle ground of understanding or for one person to take the high road by adjusting the attitude or personality of a difficult co-worker.

Last, but not least dealing with different work style/ethic requires for everyone to be mindful of others opinion and to find a way suitable to work harmoniously.

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