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Lawrence loaned money to Moore, who died without repaying the loan. Lawrence claimed that when he mentioned the matter to Moore’s widow, she promised to pay the debt. She did not pay it, and Lawrence sued her on her promise. Does she have any defense? [Moore v. Lawrence, 480 S.W.2d 941 (Ark.)]

Reference no: EM131199208

What is the average customer waiting time

A retail shop experiences stable demand all afternoon on Saturdays. During this period the shop has 3 open cash registers located in a unique check-out area, each requiring an

About the vertical differentiation

In some industries products/services tend to be positioned along a price-quality continuum (i.e., options ranging from low price/low quality to high price/high quality). This

Terms of forecasting labor demand and supply

Assume you were a large and well-established company that was no facing a labor surplus in some job category. Why might it be in your best interest to use some method other th

What is the potential advantage of planning

Discuss the steps in the negotiation process. Which step is at the heart of the process and why? Would an attack, such as the terrorist atack affect the risk rating of the uni

Enhance communication with customers

What are ways you can use a web site or perhaps an intranet to enhance communication between employees? What are ways you can use a web site to enhance communication with cust

Name the quadrant in which the directional vector lies

Given the following information, develop a SPACE Matrix for the XYZ Corporation: FS = +2; ES = -6; CA = -2; IS = +4. Show the calculation of the x axis and the y axis. Name th

Find the most motivating

What types of benefits do you believe employees find the most motivating? Why? How can an organization structure their benefit offerings so that they can afford to offer those

Which is probably the most challenging to manage

Of the two main resources (human and capital), which is probably the most challenging to manage? Why? Explain the positives and negatives associated with utilizing independe


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