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Jack owns a local trucking company. With fuel costs being expensive, Jack wants to evaluate how much fuel, on average, he should store in his 8,000 gallon fuel tank. Each year Jack uses 80,000 gallons of diesel (usage is spread evenly throughout the year). Jack knows with certainly that he can have a load of fuel delivered in 5 days. The price of fuel is $3.25 per gallon and there is a separate $100 ordering fee per order. Jack thinks his holding cost per unit is 20%. If Jack orders at EOQ, what will be the average inventory of fuel in his 8,000 gallon tank?

Reference no: EM131040437

Sole proprietorship or a partnership

What extra expenses could you expect to pay when operating a franchise as compared to operating a non-franchised company? Could you save money in expenses by operating a franc

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Suppose a “business-as-mission” professional involved in church planting in Pakistan is being prayed for by his home church. Considering the article by Love about identity, sh

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What does high performance mean? Can you define high performance and what constructs/topics/areas are important to determine if a health organization is ‘high performing?’

Combinations of product-communications strategies

There are various combinations of product/communications strategies available to global marketers. Research and discuss several companies that you think exhibit successful str

The bonds make semi annual payments

ABC Corp. issued 15-year bonds 2 years ago at a coupon rate of 10.6%. The bonds make semi-annual payments. If these bonds currently sell for 97% of par value, what is the  YTM

Exceeded his authority in purchasing the desk

Ames, an agent for Baker Antiques, had the authority to purchase early 20th-century American furniture costing a maximum of $1,500 per piece. Ames bought a 19th-century French

Call center is in charge of creating a staffing plan

A manager of a call center is in charge of creating a staffing plan. The number of calls received per day is normally distributed. Which two statistics would be needed in orde

What is the federal register and code of federal regulations

What is the Federal Register? What role does it play in rulemaking? What is the difference between the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations? The Federal Regist


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