Why women have increased the amount of education

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Women have increased the amount of education they have achieved relative to men, and average years of schooling completed are now approximately the same for males and females. Human capital theory predicts that this would close the male-female earnings gap. In fact, this has not happened. How can you explain it?

Reference no: EM13219901

Define the gdp deflator price index

An analyst locates a study that estimates the average beachgoer was willing to pay $2.25 per hour in 2000 to visit a renourished beach. What is the value of this in 1999 do

Total material cost and the total manufacturing cost

Assume a learning curve of 88% and use the cost of the50th structure as your standard time for estimating manufacturing cost. Estimate the total material cost and the total

Analyzing change in government expenditure

Describe the likely effects on Savings Investment, Long Term Real Interest Rates, The Capital Stock, Natural RGDP and Natural Per Capita RGDP of a reduce in Government Investm

Canadian opportunity cost and production possibilities

What is opportunity cost of producing a car in Canada? What is the opportunity cost of producing the tonne of wheat in Canada? Describe the relationship between the opportun

What are the dangers and inefficiencies when party unity

In this way, resulting legislation would reflect the interests of the many rather than those of a particular faction. In practice, what are the dangers and inefficiencies wh

Show short-run and long-run effects on australian economy

The problem is belongs to Economics and it is explore about the price rise of a barrel of oil. Based on aggregate demand and supply, a diagram needs to be drawn to show the

As what type of market would be characterized each brand

- perfume: A $100 bottle of perfume may contain $4 to $6 worth of ingredients - Jeans and "alligator/animal" shirts: The "plain pocket" jeans and the Lacoste knockoffs often

Refundable security deposit equal to one month rent

A landlord requires tenants to pay at the beginning of their lease an amount equal to 3 months of rent. He informs the tenants that this is for the first month's rent, the las


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