Why was multiple logistic regression used

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Article- Caesarean delivery rates and pregnancy outcomes: the 2005 WHO global survey on maternal and perinatal health in Latin America By Jose Villar and Eliette Valladares.

Discussion :

Much of the study of epidemiology and biostatistics addresses the following outcomes: disease or no disease, death or no death, exposure or no exposure.

These are dichotomous outcomes, making multiple logistic regression a reasonable choice for evaluation of epidemiological data. Many doctoral epidemiology students, therefore, choose multiple logistic regression to analyze research data.


Find and discuss the following key elements of the article you selected:

Identify variables: independent variable(s), dependent variable(s), and confounders.

What was the research question?

Why was multiple logistic regression used?

What was the main result(s)?

What was the interpretation?

What are your thoughts on the limitation(s) of the study?

Reference no: EM132280698

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