Why viruses encodes rather than making use of cells snares

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Clathrin-coated vesicles bud from eukaryotic plasma membrane fragments when adaptins, clathrin, and dynamin-GTP are added.

A. adaptins were omitted

B. Clathrin was omitted

C. Dynamin was omitted

D. Prokaryotic membrane fragments were used

Viruses are the ultimate scavenger-a necessary consequence of their small genomes. Wherever possible they make use of the cell's machinery to accomplish the steps involved in their own reproductions. Many different viruses have membrane coverings. These so-called enveloped viruses gain access to the cytosol by fusing with a cell membrane. Why do you suppose that each of these viruses encodes its own special fusion protein, rather than making use of a cell's SNAREs?

Reference no: EM13326836

Determine the animals body plan

Explain three things that a paleontologist must do to plan a fossil hunting expedition so that he is likely to find evidence to reply a specific scientific question.

Explain a type of column chromatography

Each of the following   statements   Explain a type of column chromatography . Sort the statements to the type of chromatography they describe. If statement can explain all o

Use the irac method

Use the IRAC method and ensure that you have identified the case problem.  Case analyses are extremely helpful in that an analysis teaches you how to read a case.  You will al

Compare and contrast a somatic cell with a reproductive cell

Compare and contrast a somatic cell with a reproductive cell in terms of cell replication, including processes undergone, resultant descendant cells, and chromosome numbers.

Middle-class neighborhoods

1) You are interested in finding out if Obama's health care policies have resulted in a greater increase in blood pressure screenings in poor neighborhoods than those in mid

What would want to poloar body at first meiotic division

What would you want to see in the poloar body at the first meiotic division? What would you want to see in the second meitoic division? You must be able to diagram oogenesis

Three popular training systems

Critically analyze the following three popular training systems: bigger, faster, stronger (BFS); crossfit; and high intensity training (HIT). How do they compare to the seve

How to identify the amino acids formed

A solution containing 80% cytosine and 20% uracil was used to create synthetic RNAs. A bacterial cell free system produced proteins using these mRNAs in the following proport


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