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1. State and explain what you take to be the most plausible version of either Mind-Body Dualism or Mind-Body Physicalism (Materialism) - i.e. state and explain a specific position such as two-way interactive substance dualism, or
type-type identity physicalism. Be sure to explain what that position involves.
The very first sentence of your paper should be:
"In this paper I will explain and argue for ____________________________ _."
(where the name of the position you will be supporting goes into the blank).

2. Give reasons in support of your position, including at least one explicit positive argument in numbered premise/conclusion format*. Explain why it is a good argument. Consider and respond to one or more objections that might be raised against your argument(s) or reasons.

3. Discuss at least one negative argument(s) against your position. (i.e. a negative argument against your Position, not just an objection to your positive argument). Defend your position against that critical argument(s). Explain why the negative argument(s) does not succeed in showing your position is wrong. (Negative Argument(s) can be in numbered premise conclusion format, but not have to be). * Step 3 is not the same as just raising an objection against your positive argument.

Reference no: EM13876315

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