Why steve jobs created i phone and how is a change over time
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1. The history of I Phone; why Steve Jobs created it? How is a change over time?

2. Research on I Phone 1; when was !Phone 1 come out; how was it compared to the previous phone; how was change life at that time, was it successful?

3. Research on the newest I Phone (I Phone 5/5 plus); how is different than other I Phone? The influence on 'Phone 5? Is it a good change or bad?

4. How do you image the l Phone in the future, how would it improve? Give some specific change you think.

5. Most people around us use IPhone, ask them why they choose 'Phone and which one do they like the best. And write your personal feelings why you choose !Phone and which one you like the best.

6. The impact of 'Phone; to USA and to the world. At least two impacts economic, life... etc.

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