Why it is necessary for sonya diagnosis and nursing care

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NUR251 Medical Surgical Nursing Assignment

Topic: Nursing care of a patient with altered urinary and renal function.

Assessment 1 is the only written academic assignment in NUR251 for students to demonstrate they:

  • Are developing the ability to locate, interpret, integrate, synthesize and apply nursing knowledge from NUR251 to a relevant nursing practice scenario in medical surgical settings
  • Are developing appropriate critical thinking, clinical reasoning and sound clinical decision making processes and strategies essential for safe, evidence-based and competent nursing practice in medical surgical settings
  • Are able to focus their attention to the needs of the individual patient as the key concern of nursing practice in medical surgical settings
  • Are able to explain and justify or defend their nursing care decisions
  • Have a developing understanding of the role and scope of practice of the registered nurse in the Australian health care context
  • Are progressing towards the level of professional written communication required for nursing practice in Australia
  • Are demonstrating ethical and professional practice by adhering to the University's academic integrity standards and plagiarism policy

Assessment 1 Tasks:

Using the template provided in the Assessment 1 folder and, based on the handover you received at the beginning of your shift today, other information included below and current reliable evidence for practice, address the following tasks.

Task 1:

Based on the handover information and in grammatically correct sentences identify:

  • The charts and documentation that will accompany her from the emergency department or that you need to commence for Sonya's care on admission.


For each chart/document you have identified explain:

  • Why it is necessary for Sonya's diagnosis and nursing care?
  • What consequences can occur if this documentation is not in place or completed accurately?

Task 2:

Based solely on the handover you have received and using the template provided, develop a full nursing care plan for Sonya. Your plan must address the physical, functional and psychosocial aspects of care.

Note: Students are expected to demonstrate they have read beyond the set texts to prepare their nursing care plan. Reliance on text books alone is no guarantee that your information is current and reliable evidence for practice. However, set texts are a good place to start to identify key points and to develop search strategies to locate appropriate journal articles.

For each nursing problem on your plan you need to identify what it is in relation to and your:

  • Goal of care
  • Interventions
  • Rationales for interventions
  • Evaluation

Notes for Task 2 only

  • The nursing problem of pain has been provided for you as an example. This will not be included in marking allocation.
  • Dot points may be used in the care plan template
  • Appropriate professional language must be used, no abbreviations or nursing jargon
  • Rationales must be appropriately referenced. It is strongly recommended only current, reliable journal articles be used as references when providing rationales

Task 3:

Two important aspects of medication management by registered nurses is for the nurse to understand why a patient has been prescribed specific medications, how to monitor the patient to ensure they are responding to the prescribed medications as they should and identify any contraindications with medication type or administration choice.

In grammatically correct sentences briefly explain why Sonya has been prescribed;

  • Analgesics orally
  • Vancomycin intravenously
  • Hartman's 1000mls over 12 hours


Identify and explain

  • The nursing responsibilities associated with administering the three (3) medications/fluid above
  • How you will assess or monitor Sonya to ensure she is responding appropriately to these three (3) medications/fluid you are administering today?

Task 4:

Clinical communication - handover ward transfer

Using ISBAR and incorporating the additional information from the previous page prepare a written handover for the nurse taking over Sonya's care in ICU. Handover must address the physical, functional and psychosocial aspects of care and reflect any changes required to your nursing care plan above. You must use appropriate professional language with no jargon or abbreviations.

Task 5: An important part of the clinical reasoning process is to reflect on what you have done and learnt as well as to help you understand the concepts of holistic nursing practice.

Reflecting on the care plan you have prepared for Sonya, tell me about your experience developing the care plan. Things you might consider to include: what was easy for you and what was challenging?

Reflect on how applying the nursing care plan framework you used in Task 2 will help you to provide holistic nursing care for people in the clinical setting.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131196847

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