Why is the topic important to mankind or environment
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Write a about the following information.


1. Introduce the topic of climate change (cc) citing specific examples
2. Why is this topic important to mankind/environment
3. What are some the current solutions being used to address cc challenges
4. Why do you suppose these solutions failed or won't work
5. Introduce your specific solution (preferable related to your major)


1. Elaborate more on your specific solution to cc
2. Cite specific examples (if available) where your solution have worked when tried
3. Make a vigorous defense that your solution is better than the current solutions


1. Succinctly restate the problem of cc and it's current solution
2. Criticize current solution and state why yours in better
3. Beckon the audience to agree with your solution

Create a solution for a certain current problem that has been created due to climage change. ie an invasive species in the everglades or change in ph of the ocean affecting certain coral reefs. it could be literally anything. but then its about creating that solution that can come from an enginnering stand point or business or anyb other major. it doesnt have to be an original idea. it could already be invented if it shows that it works.

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