Why is the burden of proof on the plaintiff

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Civil Rights Laws

Part A: 1. Using the Internet or www.google.com find three companies that have settled discrimination lawsuits in the last two years and indicate the following for each company:

1. Company Name
2. Year Lawsuit was settled
3. Who were the plaintiffs (people bringing the complaint)
4. Why the company was sued
5. How much they settled for

2. Now answer the following questions:

(1) Why is the burden of proof on the plaintiff?
(2) How easy do you think it is for an individual to win a discrimination case against a corporation?
(3) What does the individual bringing the case stand to lose?

Part 2- For each of the following examples (a-f) state WHAT federal discrimination law is violated if any and why you felt it was or was not considered discrimination according to the laws.

a. A disabled employee asks for days off for doctor visits and is denied this request, without any reason given.
b. Woman is demoted from management after her supervisor finds out she is pregnant.
c. White male is harassed at work for being married to an Asian woman.
d. A female flight attendant who is Arab must wear a hijab, religious head covering, this is not part of the uniform and she is fired.
e. A man is a crossdresser and comes to work in a dress and is fired and asked not to return.
f. A woman is interviewing at a trendy clothing store and she is told she is not the appropriate weight for the position of sales staff but could be hired to do the inventory.
g. An advertising agency has a pattern of only hiring "lighter" skinned African Americans, a darker skinned African American applied who was clearly qualified yet was denied employment.

Reference no: EM13833340

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