Why is it that internal combustion can occur

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Why is it that internal combustion can occur? This meaning when the body can burst into flames when in a dormant state. Being there is no action to cause the flames.

Reference no: EM132279941

What properties would such a tissue have

In the lab ,you study a tissue that contains a fibrillation component . In this tissue, the fibers are arranged in layers with each layer perpendicular to those above and be

How would you summarize edward jenner accomplishments

How would you summarize Edward Jenner's accomplishments? All medical procedures, including vaccination, carry some risk. How much risk do you feel is acceptable? Should that

You have a culture of these cells

A particular cell type has an average of 2000 receptors of a specific type. You have a culture of these cells, which you expose to the specific ligand for the receptor in ques

Find what does the aster-stimulation hypothesis predict

Cytokinesis-the actual process of cell division-has attracted theorists for well over 100 years. It has been said that all possible explanations of cytokinesis have been prop

Why are some fruits sweet and some sour

Pneumonia is diagnosed by a presence of fluid (dark shadows in an X-ray image) in the alveoli. Given that pneumonia generally is caused by a microorganism, what causes the flu

Differences between asymmetrical and radial symmetry

Differences between asymmetrical, radial symmetry and bilateral symmetry. Differences between endotherms and exotherms. Definition and examples of epithelial tissue. Definitio

Effects of the monsoon winds of southern asia

1. Describe the four main pressure areas of the Northern Hemisphere and discuss their effects on major wind patterns. 2. Describe and explain the formation and effects of the

Predict the ratio of possible genotypes

Predict the ratio of possible genotypes which could be produced by a cross between Individual #1 and Individual #2? Record your predictions in Table 4.Hint: Think back to the


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