Why is computer literacy important

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Why is computer literacy important? How does this notion relate to the idea of a digital divide

Reference no: EM132183888

Write an algorithm to compute a student average grade

Weight is 20, maximum score is 75 iii. Final exam - Weight is 30, maximum score is 100 As an example, if a student scores 100 on the Homework Assignments, 55 on the Midterm

Find the largest among three numbers presented

Write a solution to the problem of finding the largest number out of three numbers. List the specific steps that would enable another person to find the largest among three

The implementation of mutexes within the ecos kernel

If a thread has locked a mutex and then attempts to lock the mutex again, typically as a result of some recursive call in a complicated call graph, then either an assertion

Find significant features of the maintained configuration

For any open source project, try to find the configuration management system log. Find significant features of the maintained configuration system for the project. (You can

Functional dependencies and minimal cover

All non-trivial functional dependencies have been correctly identified. There are no missing or extra functional dependencies that do not fit either the data or assumptions

Create a data file consisting of at least 100 string values

Sort the file using each of the sorting algorithms discussed in the chapter. Create a program that times each algorithm and outputs the times in a similar manner to the outp

Plot showing what minimal values of momentum are needed

Design and conduct some experiments to generate a plot showing what minimal values of momentum are needed for different values of learning rate to guarantee fast and stable

Alice and bob are experimenting with csma using walsh table.

Alice and Bob are experimenting with CSMA using walsh table. Alice uses the code[+1,+1] and Bob uses the code[+1,-1]. Assume that they simultaneously send a hexadecimal digi


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