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Q:1. A good communicator always exchanges ideas, feelings, and values; uses appropriate language, tone, pitch, and volume; gives relevant information; uses nonverbal signals to emphasize and support messages; and conveys understanding. Effective communication is a ‘meeting of meanings.' It means getting through to the other person what you mean in a way that he or she understands (p. 42).

Why is communication such a challenge for IT project managers? Additionally, offer your own thoughts on what you would do as an IT project manager to promote good team communication.
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Q2: Sometimes IT projects are managed by people with a strong IT background, but there are many cases where completely non-technical people lead technical teams. Give communication advice to each type of IT manager; what are the keys to communication success for both the technical and non-technical leader of a technical project? Support your advice with information from the text or journal articles.
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Reference no: EM131272432

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