Why is acquiring companies good way to diversify

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1. Why is information about the current state of the business important for planning.

2. Understanding international compensation begins with the recognition of differences and similarities, along with figuring out how to best manage them. How people get paid around the world depends on variations. There are five contextual factors believed to be relevant in international compensation. Identify and discuss these factors and variations. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

3. Why is acquiring companies a good way to diversify if a company has high growth potential?

Reference no: EM132184503

Discuss why you like this advertisement

Find an advertisement that you like on YouTube for the product you selected and copy the link. Discuss why you like this advertisement. Identify the target market at which the

What are the major organizational characteristics

How would you go about analyzing an organizational structure in terms of creating a work breakdown structure? What are the major organizational characteristics that you woul

Improve as part of quality or six sigma initiative

What types of defects or errors might the following organizations measure and improve as part of a quality or Six Sigma initiative? a. A department store such as WalMart or Ma

Nuclear and explosive weapons of mass destruction

In an essay examine the attack by Aum Shinrikyo on the transportation system in Japan. In this assignment, relate the threat of this type of attack with the risk management pe

The main purpose of aggregate operations planning

The main purpose of aggregate operations planning is to specify the optimal combination of which of the following. What is the important starting point in developing a capacit

Healthcare disparities explore healthcare disparities

Healthcare Disparities Explore healthcare disparities in the U.S. and determine the groups of people most likely to experience discrimination in healthcare services. Recommend

A city needs to increase its rubbish disposal facilities

A city needs to increase its rubbish disposal facilities. A gravel pit with a capacity of 16 mil- lion cubic meters. Owing to the possibility of high groundwater, however, the

Compute the annual holding cost-total purchase cost

Given the following information for an important purchased part, compute the Total purchase cost, Annual holding cost, Annual order cost. Use Microsoft Excel to plot the cost


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