Why is a correlation the most appropriate statistic

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A study wants to examine the relationship between student anxiety for an exam and the number of hours studied. The data is as follows:

Student Anxiety Scores Study Hours
5 1
10 6
5 2
11 8
12 5
4 1
3 4
2 6
6 5
1 2

1. Why is a correlation the most appropriate statistic?

2. What is the null and alternate hypothesis?

3. What is the correlation between student anxiety scores and number of study hours? Select alpha and interpret your findings. Make sure to note whether it is significant or not and what the effect size is.

4. How would you interpret this?

5. What is the probability of a type I error? What does this mean?

6. How would you use this same information but set it up in a way that allows you to conduct a t-test? An ANOVA?

Reference no: EM131128094

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