Why individuals remain in subordinate situations

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Why individuals remain in subordinate situations (for example peripheral males at a lek or lowest tanking individual in a social group lie a wolf pack or lion pride) where they had limited access to important resources. What is the general explanation for remaining?

Reference no: EM13893979

Analyze one us supreme court criminal case decision

For this assignment, you will analyze one U.S. Supreme Court criminal case decision dealing with a Bill of Rights issue. Explain how the constitutional right is practically a

Explain some of factors that may influence a person choice

Using sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, research some information on the leading causes of death related to life-style choices. Explain some

List diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders

List the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)symptoms under the category, "inattention." List the DSM symptoms under the category, "hyperactivity and im

Explain each method purpose in social psychology

Select at least two (2) research methods from the text (e.g., observations, case studies, experiments, etc.), and explain each method's purpose in social psychology. Next, i

How many women-children were working with the constructor

A contractor had employed 100 labourers for a flyover construction task. He did not allow any woman to work without her husband. Also, atleast half the men working came with t

Identifying perceptual ratings with accompanying scales

Construct a perceptual map of five retail stores that sell running shoes-sneakers or any cell phone provider or Steve Madden quality of ladies shoes, identifying perceptual ra

Describe the seven types of intelligence

List and describe the seven types of intelligence according to Gardner http://www.tecweb.org/styles/gardner.html and evaluate yourself on each of them. Where do you find p

Make curriculum accessible to english language learners

To make curriculum accessible to English language learners (ELLs), teachers must be able to integrate strategies to help them develop social and academic language skills in


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