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Coronary arteries are responsible for supplying oxygenated blood to heart muscle. Coronary heat disease is caused by the arteriosclerosis, i.e., the deposition of plaque along the walls of the coronary arteries. The radius of typical open artery is 1.5 mm. In a patient with a "serious" case of coronary arteriosclerosis, plaque may line the walls so that it reduces the radii of the open lumens of these arteries to 0.50 mm.

A. Assuming that all other variables affecting blood flow remain the same, then determine the ratio of blood flow in a patient having the occluded coronary arteries described above vs. a healthy individual having 100% open arteries. Explain your reasoning, and show your calculations.

B. Using the physical relationships described in the Hagen-Poiseuille equation, explain to this patient why his body might try to compensate for the increased resistance in his occluded coronary arteries by an increase in his blood pressure.

Reference no: EM13113088

Biomolecules catabolism oranabolism

Which is considered to be a process by which electrons aregenerally added to biomolecules catabolism oranabolism? You must spell out the answer correctly to receive credit.

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What is transcription? Describe the process of transcription. Where does it occur? What enzyme(s) are involved? What is the product(s)? How does it happen? When does i

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A protease is a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins. Two important proteases are pepsin, which functions in the stomach, and trypsin, which functions in the small in

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Describe the general characteristics and structure of each pathogen. Describe in detail the pathogenenic process for each pathogen. (How does the microbe produce meningitis?)

What is the genotype of all persons mentioned

Define the following: chromosome, chromatid, centromere, autosome, sex chromosome, gene, karyotype, pheontype, genotype, allele, dominant, recessive, incomplete dominance, c

Statement and provide the cited source

In a second paragraph imagine If you were a professional scientist, could you think of a model, system, or theory on how you would describe or represent this real-world phen

Speeds of running mammals

Big fish swim substantially faster than small fish and big birds fly faster than small ones. The speeds of running mammals, however, vary a lot less with body size, although

Why is it advantageous of an organism to be diploid

Why is it advantageous of an organism to be diploid? Why is it a disadvantage to a geneticist who might wish to study the organism? Why is it advantageous for a diploid orga


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