Why hdl lipoprotein particle is called good cholesterol

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1) Briefly present your explanation why lipid-lowering drugs can prevent atherosclerosis progression.

2) Summarize the contributing factors leading to acute coronary events

3) Briefly explain the role of HMG-CoA in the process of cholesterol synthesis

4) Explain why HDL lipoprotein particle is called "good" cholesterol.

5) Explain the mechanism of action of statins. What is a main difference between simvastatin and atorvastatin.

6) Briefly present the difference in mechanism of action of fibric acid derivatives and bile acid sequestrants

7) Why ezetimibe is different from statins? What is the major benefit of using ezetimibe?

8) Briefly explain how niacin can blood lipid levels.

9) Based on mechanism of action explain why statins can be given to any patient with atherosclerosis.

10) Briefly explain the benefits of combination therapy used for lipid lowering.

11) Can patients stop taking statins if their cholesterol levels have normalized? Why not?

12) Briefly present the interactions between the coagulation, fibrinolytic and platelet systems in order to keep blood flow.

13) Briefly describe the mechanism of action of anticoagulants. Describe the difference between parenteral and oral anticoagulants.

14) Compare the action of fibrinolytics to anticoagulants.

15) Briefly present the clinical significance of the use of antiplatelet drugs.

16) Compare the effects and benefits of aspirin use to warfarin.

17) Briefly present the most common drug interactions with warfarin.

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Reference no: EM13683215

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