Why grain growth behaviour was different between two powder

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Consider fine and coarse powders of the same chemical composition. During sintering of the powders a fine powder compact showed abnormal grain growth while a coarse powder compact showed normal grain growth. Explain why the grain growth behaviour was different between the two powders.

Reference no: EM131281491

What is the true solar time in sheridan wyoming

What is the true solar time in Sheridan, Wyoming (107°W), at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time on June 10? What is the true solar time at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time o

Human body-what is the oxygen pumping rate in g per minute

Consider human body. A 70 kg human has about 5 L of blood and it is pumped by heart at about 5.2 LPM (liter of liquid blood per minute). At any given time, the lungs transfer

Determine the distance that the piston is displaced

A vertical 12-cm diameter piston-cylinder device contains an ideal gas at the ambient conditions of 1 bar and 24°C. Initially, the inner face of the piston is 20 cm from the

Calculate reynolds number for the process

Calculate Reynolds number for the process and hence the head loss due to friction - calculate the minor head losses for the system using both the equivalent length method and

What is the overall efficiency of the wind turbine

It is desired to design a wind turbine that will output 2MW of peak electrical power at a location where the average wind speed is 10 m/s and the average ambient conditions ar

The energy-separation curve for two atoms

The energy-separation curve for two atoms, a distance, r, apart is:  U(r)= -A*rm+Brn Derive an expression for the equilibrium spacing ro as a function of A, B, m and n.

Find pressure-specific volume and specific enthalpy

Given water h=3227 KJ/Kg Temperature 400C Find specific volume, pressure, and specific internal energy. Given R-134a T=15F quality x =0.6 Find pressure, specific volume, speci

Maximum temperature in the chip

For the conditions shown on the sketch, will the maximum temperature in the chip exceed 85°C, the maximum allowable operating temperature set by industry standards? A grid s


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